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The Somali National University’s vision is to establishment an affordable and

equitable world class public University that generates well-trained professionals
that meet the socio-economic and technological needs of the country.

The Somali National University’s mission is to acquire and improve the quality

of the national education that promotes knowledge, research and technology
transfer so as to produce the necessary trained work force for the country.

1) To develop a world class public University that contributes the attainment of rapid

development and quick transformation of every aspect of the social life.

2) To produces sufficient well trained professional workforce that satisfy the professional
need of the country in the field of socio-economic development, science and technology.

3) To advance the knowledge by exploiting the technological progress and advancement
of the science so that it spreads the scientific knowledge to the society.

4) To advancement the economically and socially relevant researches.

5)  To participate, through research, academic debates and scientific conferences,
the enhancement of the public administration.