Faculty of engineering was established in 1973-74 and first Somalia Engineers were graduated 1978, it was with two departments of Industrial and civil and environmental engineering. The faculty was giving fresh engineers each year until 1990, when civil war erupted in the country.

    Right now the faculty is re-established (2016-20117), and within five years time it will assume producing new Somali engineers Insha’Allah.


    Faculty of Engineering is the indispensible part of Somali Community development; its curriculum will answer our community concerns towards infrastructure and development. The faculty is established and supported for community welfare and development.

Objectives of the faculty

    Objectives of the faculty are to cover the necessity of the engineers in the country and to answer for the national development plan which could not be achieved without capable engineers in the country. This faculty will stand and encourage our country’s industrial and infrastructure development.


    The Faculty of Engineering provides its graduates with top quality education in engineering with its   departments (Civil & Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical as well as computer engineering), it is preparing students to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society, and to continue learning their discipline, allowing them to move into the real world needs.  Excellence and diversity in research are essential to the future of our students.

     Our mission is to build dependable engineers in the future their country and the world as well. We forecast that we will engage strong collaboration with country industries and government research laboratories. The Faculty encourages a spirit of national and international level of technology competition amongst its students and personnel. The Faculty strives to provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society. The Faculty is committed to a culture built on respect of the individual and fair treatment for all.

Our Vision

    Our vision is to uniquely position the Faculty as a leader in innovation and excellence in engineering through education, research and scholarship for those front runners from the students in a professional framework reflecting our social responsibility. The Faculty believes its prime driver for success in all these areas should emanate from targeted research that attracts highly qualified faculty graduate students, and enhances the attractiveness and quality of the undergraduate program.
    The Faculty will continue to support the individual research initiatives of its professors, but will promote a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research in high-interest and impact areas as perceived by governments and industry requirements: faculty focuses on

  • Critical infrastructure design and survivability
  • Sustainable energy and environmental technologies
  • Creation of standards for the country’s engineering systems.

Our Values

    The Faculty of Engineering at the Somali National University is designed to be a dynamic community of students.  Faculty members and future researchers are both the base of proposed excellence in education, research, and professional services to the engineering.


(For ten semesters )

Semester Code Courses Mechanical Civil Electric Link
M       111 Mathematics I (180 hrs) Yes yes Yes
PH      112 Physics I             (104 hrs) Yes yes Yes
CH      113 Chemistry I       (120 hrs) Yes yes Yes
AA      114 Analytic Geo./Algebra (180 hrs) Yes yes Yes
IS        115 Islamic St. (Arabic1) (80hrs) Yes yes Yes
EL       116 English Language (80hrs) Yes yes Yes
M       211 Mathematics II (180hrs) Yes yes Yes M111
PH      212 Physics II            (120 hrs) Yes yes Yes PH112
EM     213 Engineer. Materials (90 hrs) Yes yes Yes
ED      214 Engineering Drawing I (90 hrs) Yes yes Yes
IS        215 Islamic Studies         (80 hrs) Yes yes Yes
EL       216 English Language     (80 hrs) Yes yes Yes
ED      311 Engineering Drawing II (90hrs) Yes yes yes ED214
THD   312 Thermodynamics       (120 hrs) Yes yes Yes PH212
ACH   313 Applied Chemistry    (150 hrs) Yes yes Yes C113
HT      314 Head transfer            (90 hrs) Yes yes Yes PH212
MCD  315 Machine Comp. Aided design I yes no yes ED214
CD      316 Civil Design I No yes No ED214
IS        317 Islamic Studies Yes yes Yes
EL      318 English Language Yes yes Yes
MM     411 Mechanics of Materials I Yes yes Yes EM213
ID        412 Construction Sciences I Yes yes yes EM213
TPH    413 Technical physics yes yes Yes THD312
MCD   414 Mach. Comp. Aided Design II yes no yes MCD315
CD      415 Civil Design II No yes No CD316
IS        416 Islamic Studies Yes yes Yes
EL      417 English Language Yes yes Yes

Semester Code Courses Mechanical Civil Electric Link
CSC    511 Construction Sciences II yes yes Yes ID412
HYS    512 Hydraulics Systems yes yes Yes
ETS    513 Electro-technique  & Electric Systems yes no Yes TPH413
CT      514 Construction Technology I yes yes Yes
E        515 Eletrotechnical no no Yes TPH413
IS       516 Islamic Studies yes yes Yes
EL      517 English Language yes yes Yes
Semester Code
HC     611 Hydraulics Construction & Design no yes No HYS512
TG      612 Topography no yes No
CT      613 Construction Technology II yes yes Yes CT514
TCE    614 Tech. of Constructive Elements no yes No CT514
AM    615 Applied Mechanics yes no Yes MM411
AE      616 Applied Electronics no no Yes E 515
EM     617 Electrical Materials no no Yes ETS 513
CME   618 Constructive Machine Elements yes no No MM 411
ML      619 Metallurgy Yes no No MM411
MM    620 Mechanic of Materials II yes yes yes MM411
AG      711 Applied Geology with Element Art miner no yes No
SM     712 Soil Mechanics no yes No AM 615
RC      713 Road Construction no yes No CT613
AT      714 Architect Technology I no yes No CT613
MT     715 Machine Tools yes no Yes
EM     716 Electric Machine I no no Yes EM 617
MEC  717 Machine Electronic Calculator yes no Yes AE616
EL      718 Electronic Construction no no Yes AE 616
MC    719 Machine Construction yes no No EME 618
FME  710 Fluid Mechanics &Engines yes no No AM 615
MM  711 Mechanics Of Materials III? yes yes yes MM 620
GT      811 Geotechnics no yes No AG 711
UT      812 Urban Techniques no yes No
WR    813 Water Resources no yes No AC611
EM    814 Electrical Measurement no no Yes
ES      815 Electrical Power Systems I no no Yes EM 716
AC     816 Automatic Control I no no Yes MEC717
MM  817 Mechanical Measurements yes no No
MT   818 Mechanical Technology yes no No MC 719
MS   819 Mechanical Systems yes no No FME 710
EE    820 Engineering Economics yes yes Yes

Semester Code Courses Mechanical Civil Electrical link
RC   911 Reinf. Con. & Struc. Steel Desig I No yes No RC 713
HS   912 Hydraulic Systems No yes No WR 813
TA   913 Technical Architecture II No yes No AT  714
PE    914 Plant Engineering Yes no Yes MS 819
IO    915 Industrial Organizations Yes no Yes MT 818
EC    916 Electric Communications No no Yes ES   815
MR  917 Maintenance and Reliability Yes no No MM 817
RA   918 Road & Airport Design No yes No RC    713
SP    919 Senior Project Stage I Yes yes Yes
AC   1011 Architectural Compositions No yes No TA 913
RC   1012 Reinf. Con. & Stru.l Steel Desig. II No yes No RC 911
ES    1013 Electric Power System II No no Yes EC 916
IS    1014 Industrial Plant Yes no No PE 914
PT   1015 Power Transmission No no Yes ES  815
MD 1016 Machine Design Methodology Yes no No MT 818
SP   1017 Senior Project Stage II Yes yes Yes

Grade point average of 66 out of 110 is required to graduate.

This Curriculum is a base and can be added or removed subjects according to the country needs.

By Faculty Dean

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Omar Alasso