Rector’s Message

Message from the Rector

Welcome to the Somali National University.

We are glad that you have taken the first steps towards higher education, and that you have chosen SNU to be a part of your journey.

At SNU, we appreciate every member of the SNU family, and we believe that everyone is enriched by education.

We emphasize quality and individual attention in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We are the only tuition free University in
Somalia. As a higher education institution, we strive to provide top notch education. And I must say that we are proud that we are successful in doing
exactly that.

With a history of educational excellence, Somali National University has achieved a significant milestone in 2014 by reopening to offer World Class

We have signed many contracts for collaboration with international universities all over the world! Therefore, we can offer our students unique study opportunities that increase the value of their education, such as sending students for scholarship to universities across the world to conduct masters or even PhD.

In conclusion, we believe that we can make our students better people. Then, they can create better organizations, and eventually build a better society.

Upon graduation, we salute our Alumni with the assertion: “You can leave this house, but it will always be your home”.

Yours cordially,

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