Welcome to the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is one of the largest Faculties at the Somali National University. The Faculty aims to continuously strengthen its position as the leading institution in the fields of economic, financial and management sciences by recruiting the best and brightest lecturers. The faculty is also committed to establish an excellence research center in the near future.

Dr. Bayle, minister of finance.

The faculty of Economics and Management Science provides two Programs (Bachelor in Economics and Bachelor in Management) in Short Term and We Hope to expand our Programs for the coming Years.

All the programs that offered by the faculty consists of four and half Years including 6 months of intensive foundation, All Semesters Have Credits Except Foundation Term.

The Faculty Provides Eight Semesters in which each Semester Consists of Minimum 5 Course and The Summation of the semester’s course consist of 46 Courses, Same of These Courses are Core Courses, Elective Courses or Faculty Requirement and University Requirement as listed below.

Bachelor of Economics Course Catalogue

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