The Somali National University is happy to announce its annual conference on Higher Education in Post-Conflict Societies,which will be taking place once again on July 21 -23, 2020 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development came into force in January 2016 as the central United Nations (UN) platform for achieving ‘integrated and indivisible’ goals and targets.For countries on the move from violent conflict to peace and democratic rule such as Somalia, the 2030 Agenda can indeed be a powerful lever for change. Clearly, Somali government alone cannot implement the SDGs, without active collaboration with the private sector, civil society, universities and higher education institutions.

The Somali National University (SNU) is committed to supporting the Somali government institutions, civil society, businesses and academic institutions to adopt a common platform to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. From this background, SNU calls for its fourth international conference (SNU-2020)with the aim to bring togethermultidisciplinary experts and high-level practitioners from around the world to exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and expectations around the challenges involved with the SDGs and to discuss Somalia’s pathway to the SDG targets; education, health and poverty reduction. Through a combination of keynote presentations by renowned experts, round tables and parallel sessions, the conference wants to open a debate among the different stakeholders on solutions for a sustainable development to transform Somali society at country, regional and international level.

The SNU 2020 conference is a follow up of the ‘SNU 2019 conference,’ which addresses achievements, outstanding issues and continued efforts and actions to advance SDGs goals with emphasis on accelerating higher education transformation through establishment of national accreditation mechanisms and process; Working toward universal health coverage for vulnerable groups; and strengthening peace and stability.


1. Relevant and industry based higher education.
2.Tertiary vocational education.
3. Universal health coverage for vulnerable groups.
4. National dialogue for sustainable peace and development.
5. Initiate start up business for youth as a driver of entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The SNU-2020 is broader than the previous conferences and it uses a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach. While adopting an academic approach, the conference will give a platform for scholars, business community, youth entrepreneurs and policy makers to meet and share their innovative ideas and research results in the conference.

Interested academics, researchers, business community, policy makers, youth and women organizations, and higher education practitioners are kindly invited to submit abstracts on any of the aforementioned priority areas.
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